Featured Speakers

The featured speakers at the International Conference on Algorithms and Law are distinguished innovators and creatives at the forefront of their respective disciplines and domains, who will share their scholarship, ideas, processes, and expertise with the conference attendees. Our speakers represent a diverse range of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences, and their contributions will enhance the quality and depth of the conference discussions.
We welcome suggestions for potential speakers or chairs who can bring unique perspectives and insights to the conference. If you are interested in becoming a speaker or chair, or if you would like to recommend a prospective speaker or chair, we invite you to contact us at ical@ijelt.org. Our team will carefully consider all proposals, and we will strive to create a conference program that reflects the latest trends and developments in the field of algorithmic decision-making and its legal, policy, and ethical implications.
We believe that the success of the conference depends on the quality of its speakers and chairs, and we are committed to ensuring that our lineup of speakers represents the best and brightest minds in the field. We look forward to hearing from you and working together to create a world-class conference on algorithms and law.