Academics, stakeholders, and policymakers are actively engaged in a discourse concerning the sufficiency of existing mechanisms for guiding algorithmic decision-making and grappling with the novel challenges presented by the expanding power of algorithms. These challenges are characterized by transparency, justice, and equal treatment as algorithms increasingly impact media, economic opportunities, and educational pathways.
Against this backdrop, the International Journal of Law, Ethics, and Technology is pleased to announce that the 2023 International Conference on Algorithms and Law has been scheduled in Geneva, Switzerland, from December 18 to 20, 2023. The primary aim of the conference is to address the critical importance and issues surrounding algorithmic decision-making and education of algorithms and Law. The event will build upon ongoing discussions in this field, focusing on algorithmic power’s legal, policy, and educational/ethical implications and its impact on society and the law.

An important update: The 2023 International Conference on Algorithms and Law will now be fully online!
We are delighted to welcome submissions on technical, conceptual, and empirical research that analyzes the use of algorithms, machine learning, automation, and other artificial intelligence tools and methods while discussing their societal, educational, and legal impacts. While we are still in the planning stage, we encourage interested parties to contact us at if they have any questions, proposals, or submissions.